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Web 3.0 More Focus Processing Data, What is Web 3.0? The third generation of web-based internet service. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman explains what Web 3.0, which he calls the data.

Web 3.0 More Focus Processing Data, Hoffman in the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco on Wednesday (30 / 3), explaining that Web 3.0 talk about the data. Web 1.0''consists of a file. The user can operate it under a pseudonym in chat rooms. Then came the Web 2.0 which is a user community, using their real names. Well Web 3.0 platform used in mobile phones based on the data,''Hoffman said in an interview with AllThingsD.

LinkedIn is mengajukam IPO in January last, has had more than 100 million users. This month, the site launched Today news site LinkedIn, LinkedIn Skills, LinkedIn Maps, as well as update the IOS LinkedIn applications with a focus on new news.

With such a situation, then LinkedIn takes accumulated store of data to be mined, and returned to the user.

Furthermore, Hoffman said, many users who want an open data that can be shared freely. But Hoffman acknowledges it comes to data is extremely dangerous. ''There are certain data are quite dangerous,''he said.

Even today many deals that can find the following credit card number password. Some companies are even now beginning to insist that any data that actually open.

In other words, when Web 3.0 is later executed, the user must have a standby attitude. Because this is where the data into a platform to be mined, and disseminated.

All this data is quite open about the information types of movies. In general, people quickly disseminate information about the film to the group.

Hoffman ended the conversation by emphasizing that currently there is demand for data on gender. ''But LinkedIn does not do it. In principle, the person requesting the data if it is data that can provide benefits for users,''he concluded.

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